Tancheon River Field Trip


Time: 10:00
Temperature : 24 degrees Celsius
Humidity : 43% humidity
Pressure: 1016.1 hectopascal (hPA)
Cloud coverage: sunny

For our environmental perspectives day, we went to Tancheon river in Bundang. I thought this would be better than being in a classroom. I have not gone to many field trips since I came to KIS, so I was excited to go there. However, one of the things I hate is getting wet and going into the water. Therefore, I was ambivalent about this trip. When we arrived there, I was fascinated by the sight because I live in Seoul, and have never been to Tancheon river before. It made me think of one of the parks in the United States where children could just run around. When I saw many different creatures in the water such as cactus flies and leeches, I never knew such creatures could sustain their lives under the big rocks which look like there are no lives under them. Mr.Boyce told us about the white water in which diffused oxygen was mixed into the water. Other than little insects, I also noticed fish’s movement such as minnows. Once we got out of the water, flowers caught my attention because there were many different types of flowers that I have not noticed when I first walked into the park. In the riparian zone of the river, there were mostly green flowers or plants alongside the river.
Even though I did not like to go into the stream and slipped several times by trying to stay dry on the rocks, I did not even care about getting wet once I started to notice little creatures in the water. Therefore, I am looking forward to the next trip and look for even more lives in the water.


Live simply so that others may simply live


Time: 14:40
Temperature : 29 degrees Celsius
Humidity : 62% humidity
Pressure: 1014.1 hectopascal (hPA)
Cloud coverage: scattered clouds

This is, in fact, a great quote that blows my mind. As I mentioned in my first blog post, I can’t just think about myself and decide to not care about the environment because there are millions of other people thinking the same thing as me. Therefore, I need to be the one that changes the world. By saying this, I don’t mean that I need to be some kind of powerful person in a society like a president, but I am saying that I need to change my attitude to become one of the changes that should be occurring in the society. If I live simply and think about how my behaviors would affect other people, the world would be far less complex. Also, another thing that I like about this quote is the wording of the quote because the first sentence and the second sentence just changed the order of the word ‘simply’, but had completely different idea.

How do you impact the environment?


Time: 14:24
Temperature : 27 degrees Celsius
Humidity : 75% humidity
Pressure: 1018.5 hectopascal (hPA)
Cloud coverage: mostly cloudy

These days, our environment is getting worse and destroyed by advancement of technology. Most people are indifferent to the environment while only caring about themselves. However, a few people are trying to save this environment by using various methods to not hurt the environment.
    To be honest, I do not impact the environment positively, but more like negatively because of my unconscious behaviors. For example, I just leave my room lights on when I go eat dinner. I leave the water on when I take a shower and use shampoo and soap. Also, I usually throw away any type of trash in one place, and do not recycle much. All these things that I mentioned are critical to the environment because if I think that it is just fine to not care about the environment, there are always millions of people who think just like me. Therefore, in order to impact the environment positively, I need to change my attitude first. Therefore, although I do not impact the environment directly, I think that I am impacting the environment indirectly.

Importance of Cleats?

How do soccer players represent themselves on the field? They are all wearing the same uniform. The only difference is that the players can choose their own cleats. A long time ago, the cleats were not as developed as these days. Also, the colors were only limited to white or black. However, these days, almost all of the color are available as cleats and some of the players use brightest colored cleats that can be easily seen from the TV or far distance for the spectators.

There are many types of cleats, and functions are more important than the appearance because it helps the players to move, run faster, turn directions easier, get a better ball touch. The companies that are most known for these cleats are Nike, Adidas, Puma, and Mizuno. Each of them have different characteristics, but they all have certain types of stud: FG, HG, and AG.

FG stands for firm ground, and it can be used on the real field or turf. However, FG is mostly used for players who play soccer as an amateur on the turf. Its studs are soft, so it should not be used on the hard ground.
HG stands for hard ground, and it is used for the hard ground. For Example, Korea has a lot of hard ground field unlike the United States where most of the field are turf or grasses. Therefore, HG is mostly used in Asia. Its stud is harder and shorter than those of FG.
SG is for the professional players. Its studs are made of metal which might cause serious damage to other players. Therefore, the amateur players are not recommended to use this. Because of its comfortableness, it is widely used, but some of the professional players use FG.

Regardless of the studs, the cleats can be designed for specific positions. For example, Nike has four different types of cleats: Tiempo, CTR360, Mercurial Vapor, and Total90. Tiempo is used for ball touch, and Ronaldinho is the main model for Tiempo. CTR360 is known for control of the ball, and Cesc Fabregas is the main model of CTR360. Mercurial Vapor is also known as Ronaldo’s cleats, and speed is its main strength. Finally, Total90 is responsible for accuracy and famous for Rooney and Torres.

Although the cleats have become more than just the shoes that the players wear, the ability and sense of soccer do not necessarily improve when the good cleats are worn.

This is the commercial of CTR360 by Iniesta, a midfielder from Spain and Barcelona.

Unbeatable Barca

Last night, I went to bed earlier than usual. Only one thing would make me do this which is soccer game at 3:45. It was the final of Champions League between Barcelona and Manchester United. Two years ago, Manchester United was completely crushed by Messi and Barcelona. At that time, the center of the Manchester United was Ronaldo, who is now in the top ranking of La Liga in Real Madrid. Although Ronaldo has left, Manchester United has become stronger winning the Premier League for the 19th time. On the other hand, Barcelona became even stronger after Henry and Etoo left because of their new players such as Pedro and David Villa.
The lineup for Barcelona was Valdez in the goal and Pique, Mascherano, Dani Alves, and Abidal. In the middle, they had Xavi, Busquets, Iniesta, and Messi, Villa, Pedro were up for attacking. Barcelona had perfect lineup except Puyol, the captain of Barcelona, couldn’t make it. Manchester United had Van der Sar in the goal, and Ferdinand, Vidic, Fabio, Evra, Giggs, Carrick, Park, Valencia, Rooney, and Chicharito. Manchester United always came out with surprising lineup that other team could not expect. This time, it was not nearly surprising because players that are expected to come out came out.
In the first 10 minutes, Manchester United dominated the game. Therefore, I actually thought that Manchester United has a chance of winning. However, after 10 minutes, Pedro scored, and Barcelona started to dominate. Although Rooney scored to make it tie, Barcelona added two goals, by Pedro and Villa. Manchester United could not even attack properly because of Barcelona’s possession. As a result, Barcelona won just like two years ago. All of Manchester United players did a poor job overall except for Park and Rooney. This game was the last game of the European soccer season, and now the trade season has started.

The Last Battle Begins

The two teams of the NBA finals are finally decided. The Miami Heat and the Dallas Mavericks. The Heat and the Mavericks each beat the Chicago Bulls and the Oklahoma City Thunders by 4-1. I did not expect these two teams to be on the finals since I am a huge fan of the Boston Celtics. Also, on the Western Conference, I thought the LA Lakers are the strongest team that has Kobe Bryant. However, these two teams both lost to the Heat and Mavericks. Since both of the teams did not have any difficulty proceeding to the finals, it will be a tight game.

The Dallas Mavericks has key players such as Jason Kidd, Dirk Nowitzki, and Jason Terry who played important roles on the way of the finals. The Mavericks were able to beat the Lakers easily by 4-0 because of Jason Terry’s three pointers and Nowitzki’s post plays.

The Miami Heat has many strong players like Dwayne Wade, Lebron James, and Chris Bosh. When they were playing the Boston Celtics, I didn’t think the game would be dominated by these three players. Rondo and Garnett could not do their best because of the Heat’s tight defense. Especially, in game 5, the Celtics was up by 5 points having less than 2 minutes to go. However, James had a few steals and scores which brought the Heat a winning series. Although I expected the Celtics to lose after the game 4, this was not the true side of the Celtics.

I personally think that the Heat is slightly advantageous because the players are a combination of experienced and young players. Before the season started, no one expected the Heat to develop this much because Wade, James, and Bosh were all new to the team. Therefore, the teamwork was the most anxious part. However, as the season began, they overcame those difficulties to get ready for this last series of the year.

Transfer Season has already begun

The end of each soccer season in major European countries such as England, Spain, Italy, and Germany is approaching. Therefore, the soccer fans all over the world are concerning about their favorite players’ transfer to the other team. The favorite player might move to someone’s favorite team or the rival team. Fernando Torres can be an excellent example. This winter he moved to Chelsea from Liverpool. Liverpool fans would now abhor Torres, but Chelsea fans would support him. However, he is not having a successful season as Chelsea failed to win EPL or Champions League. Some top players are already planning to transfer to other team. One of them is Carlos Tevez in Manchester City. The main reason as he stated was that he wanted more time with his family, and he became tired of playing soccer in foreign country because he is from Argentina. Despite of his desire to leave, he had a great season leading Manchester City to the 4th place of EPL as the captain and the striker of the team. Although Manchester City might lose Tevez, they are planning to buy star players such as Christiano Ronaldo, Iniesta, and Kaka. Because of financial advantage that they have, they can buy any player in current situation regardless of the price. However, those star players are unlikely to transfer because those players tend to be franchise star of a team. I predict that the highest record of transfer fees will be broken this summer. Current leader is Christiano Ronaldo who moved to Real Madrid two years ago. There are a lot of rumors although most of them are not true. However, I enjoy watching players in a new team because then the teams can be refreshed and the league can be equalized when the season start. For example, the teams in EPL are equalized, but the teams in Scottish Premier League are not because the first and second place has 30 more points than the third place. I hope there are many transfers among big club teams this summer.